I’m Baaa-ack!


I’m not committing to anything right off the bat. But I am going to attempt to jump back in this year. Last year we had just bought a house and I wasn’t sure if I’d be dressing up at all, but this year… 

There aren’t a lot of conflicting events or art shows.

I rounded up all of 2013’s costumes. I don’t know if I had done that already, but I couldn’t find it. So, the 2013 and 2014 costumes are quick to get to in the sidebar. 

I have some ideas, but not many. Especially since my hair is still short. Do you have any suggestions for me?

What are you most looking forward to dressing up as this year? Maybe I can help.




30 Days of Halloween 2013



All of 2013’s costumes… Cowgirl, Kitty Cat, Green Lantern, Bumblebee, Freudian Slip, The Exorcist, Billy The Puppet (Saw), Comic Book Character, Jareth (The Labyrinth), Morticia Addams, Owl, Ziggy Stardust (David Bowie), Fallen Angel, Michael Jackson, Doll.

My Favorite 4 Halloween Nail Pins


I perused Pinterest for Halloween nail designs earlier. I wanted to share my fave finds with you. Some of these pins link to articles for more ideas, too.
Personally, I’ve always gone for the eerily beautiful over the cutesy. That’s why I chose these specific designs.
As always, images are linked to source.

I want to try them all. Don’t you?

Halloween Heels to Help You Kick Your Costume Up A Notch


No Halloween costume is complete without the right shoes!

So, I found these absolutely fabulous shoes:

Then I put together a compilation of DIY Halloween Shoes – with links, of course!

Have you seen any cute tutorials that I missed? Share them in the comments!

Witch Costume Examples


On the 4th of October I shared a post about the Different Kinds of Witches you can dress up as on Halloween. Today, I have put together a few example costumes from that list.

Witch Costumes

I hope this helps you to put together the best witch costume out there!

Be sure to follow 30 Days of Halloween 2015 on Pinterest to get all the latest costume ideas!
There is also 30 Days of Halloween 2014 for last year’s costumes and 30 Days of Halloween Ideas for inspiration.



When I was a teenager people would call me Twiggy. I don’t think it was because I looked like her, though. I think it was just because I was very thin.

I chose Twiggy today, because I didn’t want to have to figure out what to do with my hair. I’m feeling lazy.

It’s a really easy costume if you have a mini skirt or short dresses. And everyone has eyeliner in their arsenal, right?
Just don’t forget to contour your cheekbones!

I did a quick line with eye shadow on the top and bottom. It couldn’t been cleaner, but it would’ve been less dramatic.

And here is Twiggy if you need a reference photograph.

I love the way she modeled. She used her limbs; took up a lot of space. If she was self-conscious about how skinny she was it didn’t show.

Different Kinds of Witches You Can Be


Witches have been around for centuries. Today’s witch is a far cry from the Celtic religions, but that’s where it stemmed from – starting with Polytheism origins way back in 3500 BC. Woman really did dance naked under the full moon. (And it’s quite a thrill.) But even if we don’t count the rich history of witches, there is plenty to pull from in modern-day pop culture. There are so many different kinds of witches.

Generic Witch; black hat, green skin, horrid nose.

Wiccan Goddess: naked, dancing outdoors around a fire.

Glenda the Good Witch; sweet and sparkly.

Bellatrix LeStrange; who is actually quite lovely if not completely insane.

Earthen Witch; light makeup, green dress, flowers and leaves in hair.

Pin-Up Witch; 50’s and 60’s pin-up hair, short skirt, tight top, seemed stockings, black pumps.

Burned At The Steak Witch; tattered clothing, ashen face, 1800’s dress.

Lily Munster or Morticia Addams; they both had a look all their own.

This is why I love witch costumes. Whenever someone simply says they’re going to be a witch on Halloween, I always have to ask, “What kind?”

Did I leave any out? Leave your witchy woman suggestions below!