Halloween 2012Hi. I’m Liz.

I’m an artist and fashion designer in Murfreesboro, TN.

30 Days of Halloween started in 2013 when I attempted to dress up in costume every day for the month of October starting on October 2nd – out of convenience.

In actuality it ended up being only 16 days, but I had so much fun it became an annual thing.

To see all of my 2013 costumes check out 30 Days of Halloween 2013.

To see all of my 2014 costumes check out 30 Days of Halloween 2014.

I also put all of my ideas, sources, and inspiration on my Halloween Costume Ideas board on Pinterest.

I took a break in 2015; we had just bought a house. I’m hoping to jump back in this year.

My background in costumes is this… other than dressing up every Halloween for as long as I can remember, I worked in the Costume Shop in college, aced my Costume Tech class without batting a lash, was a volunteer and Head Costume Guy at the local Center for the Arts, and am a professional clothing designer in the sense that I designed a line of clothing and sold some pieces before deciding that I really hate sewing, but can’t afford to pay someone to do the work for me, and quit to become a full-time professional Pop Artist.

❤ Liz

Find out more about me and what I do on the other 324 days of the year on LizKellyZook.com!