Different Kinds of Witches You Can Be

Witches have been around for centuries. Today’s witch is a far cry from the Celtic religions, but that’s where it stemmed from – starting with Polytheism origins way back in 3500 BC. Woman really did dance naked under the full moon. (And it’s quite a thrill.) But even if we don’t count the rich history of witches, there is plenty to pull from in modern-day pop culture. There are so many different kinds of witches.

Generic Witch; black hat, green skin, horrid nose.

Wiccan Goddess: naked, dancing outdoors around a fire.

Glenda the Good Witch; sweet and sparkly.

Bellatrix LeStrange; who is actually quite lovely if not completely insane.

Earthen Witch; light makeup, green dress, flowers and leaves in hair.

Pin-Up Witch; 50’s and 60’s pin-up hair, short skirt, tight top, seemed stockings, black pumps.

Burned At The Steak Witch; tattered clothing, ashen face, 1800’s dress.

Lily Munster or Morticia Addams; they both had a look all their own.

This is why I love witch costumes. Whenever someone simply says they’re going to be a witch on Halloween, I always have to ask, “What kind?”

Did I leave any out? Leave your witchy woman suggestions below!


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