Top 7 Favorite Halloween Movies (and some great costume ideas!)

Halloween movies are a great way to pick up ideas for costumes, too.

So here are my 7 Favorite Halloween Movies – with costume ideas!

The Nightmare Before Christmas
“This is Halloween” is one of the best Halloween songs ever. And if you’re looking for costumes this might be one of the best movies to choose one from. The characters are a smorgasbord of costume ideas! I’m not just talking about Jack and Sally. They’re totally overdone. You could be the Devil. You could be the Clown With The Tear-Away Face. You could be the Sax Player. The Wolfman, the Mayor, and the Small Witch are also great options! If you have three kids you can dress them up as Lock, Stock, and Barrel. It’s really the secondary characters that make this movie – and would make the best costumes.

I would love to see someone dress up as Laurie Strode or Lynda van der Klok. Hell, if you’re really cool you could be ol’ Mike’s psychiatrist!

Hocus Pocus
Someone please dress up their daughter as Dani or Billy Butcherson!!! You could even mimick Gary Marshall’s devil.

Earnest Scared Stupid
I have never seen an Ernest Scared Stupid costume. You’d just need a generic baseball hat, Ernest’s signature denim vest, and a tiny troll to carry around. Just keep kissing it so it doesn’t get big again!

Trick R Treat
Trick R Treat is a fun little Halloween movie. If I was a man I’d be Steven, because it’s a really easy costume to pull off. Button down, tie, glasses, slicked back hair, butcher knife. Simple. If I was going to choose a character I would be Laurie in costume. She had a great Red Riding costume.

Fun Size
This movie is so cute! Plus, there are quite a few nerd-tastic costume ideas. If you’re not nerdy, dress as Joorgen or Fuzzy. There’s also April’s sexy cat or Denise’s Galaxy Scout.

Idle Hands
I have always loved Molly’s angel costume in this movie! Seth Green’s Mick character wouldn’t be too bad if you know how to glue a fake bottle to your head. Or, even easier, do Pnub – just wrap a bunch of duct tape around your throat and put some fake blood on your shirt.

It’s probably not a bad idea to watch all of these movies, either. They’re good ones. And maybe you’ll find some costume inspiration that I missed.


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