13 Movies That Are NOT Halloween Movies (But Are Often Categorized That Way)

It’s October 2nd!!! And you know what that means!!! It’s the start of 30 Days of Halloween!!! I’m doing things a little different this year, not dressing up as much, but it’s still going to be a great 30 days with movie talk and, of course, more costume ideas.

I love Halloween. Obs. I love Halloween movies. I also love movies about ghosts and monsters.  I don’t love when people categorize movies as “Halloween Movies” just because they have a ghosts or monsters or somewhat abnormal people in them. It really bugs me. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to watch scary movies on Halloween. Just don’t call them Halloween Movies.

These are the movies I see most often categorized as Halloween movies that are not, in fact, Halloween movies:

1. It, this movie is about dealing with your own inner demons. It is a good movie, and it is scary. People deal with their own issues every day of the year, though.

2. Ghostbusters, ghosts run rampant. Is it on Halloween? No. Is it about Halloween? No. Just ghosts and the guys that take ’em down.

3. The Craft, yes there are witches. The Craft is Mean Girls if Mean Girls had magical powers. Still, not a Halloween movie.

4. The Addams Family, creepy and cooky, but not Halloween related. Hell, the movie starts on Christmas! It might have ended on Halloween, but that’s not what it was about. The movie was about a family struggling to hold themselves together while outsiders took advantage of their goodwill.

5. Gremlins, the movie takes place on Christmas for fuck’s sake. How is this a Halloween movie?

6. Beetlejuice, a movie about a married couple coming to terms with the fact that they can’t have a child. They are helped through this issue by a very compassionate girl. They end up caring for the girl and all ends happily.

7. Lost Boys, is about a bunch of boys with too much freedom and not enough to do. Is this where the expression “boys will be boys” comes from?

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is about a girl dealing with responsibilities that she doesn’t think she can handle.

9. Saw, psychos exist all of the time. Not just on Halloween.

10 & 11. Carrie and Prom Night, are BOTH ABOUT PROM!!!

12. Nightmare On Elm Street, is about nightmares. Those exist at all times.

13. Practical Magic, more witches. It ended on Halloween, yes, but it wasn’t really about Halloween.

Still, though, if you’re looking for costume ideas there are some pretty good ones here. I did Beetlejuice and The Craft last year. Tomorrow I’ll be publishing Movies That Are Actually About Halloween. That will also include costume ideas.


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