9 Weeks to Halloween

9 Weeks until Halloween

This Fallen Angel costume was from 2013. I don’t remember which day, but all I needed for it was a long black wig and an eyeliner pencil. I liked it a lot.

Welcome back, Witches, Ghoulies, and Ghosties!!! Only NINE more weeks until Halloween!!! (And I already see Christmas/Thanksgiving stuff in stores. Gag me.)

Are you ready for this year’s 30 Days? Because, honestly, I am not. I haven’t prepared at all. My husband just bought us a house and I’ve been pretty preoccupied with getting it in order.

I have decided to go even more lax on 30 Days than I already am. Of course, the closer I get the more excited I am. Which means I could easily change my mind. And I will be having a kid-friendly Halloween party this year. I’m pretty excited about that.

I’ll start posting costume ideas here in a few weeks. Even if I don’t do a costume every day, I’ll try to post at least one Halloween related something every day in October.

Get ready, Creepers, this Halloween might be the best yet!



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