Day 6: Beetlejuice

This costume took a lot. I went the extra mile for this makeup; even gluing cotton to my face to make it look like moss – or whatever that is growing out of his face in the movie. The make up around my eyes is ELF long lasting lustrous eye shadow in a deep purple – can’t remember the name of the color. The white and green are face paints from Party City. I dirtied things up a bit with a very, very old brown eye shadow palette from LA Colors that I’m pretty sure my mom got at a type of dollar store somewhere. (I’m not being paid for these mentions. Other than the face paint, they’re all things I already had in my makeup box.)

I thought I would offer up some pics of the deconstruction, too. I had to peel the cotton off of my skin. Thanks to Burt’s Bees for their grapefuit cleansing face wipes thingies, it wasn’t too bad.


2 thoughts on “Beetlejuice

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