Bumble Bee

Bumble Bee FamilyI tend to get my children involved in a lot of the things I do.

They’re very creative. They love “family projects”. Last year they were all too thrilled to get involved in the first week of this challenge.

We were having a family day in St. Louis and thought it would be fun to do costumes together. We let our kids pick who they wanted to match. My girl picked her daddy(always the Daddy’s Girl) and my son picked me.

We were lady bugs and bumble bees. We got a lot of smiles and quite a few people came up just to tell us that it was really neat. (Thing is, we do that kind of stuff all the time. My daughter and I will often dress up just to go to the fabric store. She insists that I be a queen and she be a princess. )

Bumble BeeIn case you were curious about the putting together of these costumes, we bought T-shirts and craft paint from a craft store and just hand painted them at the kitchen table. We bout the headbands from a party store – added the stripes and polka dots ourselves and cut the hair extension looking things off for the boys.



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